The Movement does not accept funding from foreign governments, neither does it accept donations from political parties, current or former politicians.
Donations received will be used for the running of The Centenary Academy, which includes sponsorship of the students, facilitating of lectures, reimbursements of interpreters, translators, resources persons and full time staff.
No, Board members are not paid, and are not entitled to payment by law, as The Centenary Movement is a company limited by guarantee.
Yes, our financial year ends 31st March and our finances are audited by KPMG. The audits will be public on our website. Additionally, the finance team will share a financial report every quarter.
Every year, a minimum of 50 individuals are selected from a rigorous application process. Each cohort has one man and one woman from every district of the country. Anyone may apply to the academy.
No, the Movement is non-partisan and has no affiliation or affinity with any political party , any politician or party ethos.
The objective of the Movement is to educate, equip and platform young people who aspire to a career in politics and / or who have an interest in citizen leadership. Our goal for Sri Lanka’s centenary year is to have leaders who have clarity of vision, competent, compassionate and strong character.
By the creation of The Centenary Academy, and its quality curriculum on key political and socio-economic themes that provides an effective, results-driven training, mentorship, encouragement and a platform for a new generation of leaders. We also seek to educate and create awareness among the masses, to ensure policy, character and competence-driven voting. We also encourage citizens to hold their leaders accountable and serve as active citizens in our democracy.
High performing students of the academy will also be given opportunities to join our policy committees. They will also join international research and learning tours to enhance their worldview and competence. We will also provide support to pursue trilingual capabilities for each student.

Our students will be encouraged to run for public office and rise up to positions of influence in the public sector. We will provide mentorship, networks and resources and required opportunities to realize their noble aspirations. We will also ensure each student and member of the Centenary Academy, who run for office or serve in the public sector will be held accountable each year. They will be expected to live by the Centenary Movement Pledge and our code of ethics. They will also be expected to publicly declare their assets and reveal their campaign finances.

This program is 52 weeks long and includes 700 hours of theory, practice, communal and experiential learning. The six policy areas the students receive learning on are politics and governance, environment, diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing and economic reform. Each lecture is facilitated in all three languages, by academics and those in practice, who are at the cutting edge of their respective fields. Each of these policy components are followed by a practical assignment and engagement with the masses in each student’s polling division. Finally, the curriculum also focuses on residential training, where students are given opportunities to hone practical skills.

For further information on the curriculum, click here.

We have been privileged to have exceptional faculty and resource people conduct these sessions, free of charge. Every session is accessible in all three languages. (This includes notes and slides). Classes take place every Friday from 6pm – 8 pm ( virtual ) the last weekend of every month is set apart for residential trainings. These training sessions include more time for students to learn from each other and sharpen each other’s skills and knowledge while building a deep sense of community and fellowship.

Finally , each major policy component is followed by a practical assignment and engagement with the masses in each student’s polling division. Thereby, giving them an opportunity to gauge the level of knowledge , interest and concern of the general public on these issues. It also enables these aspiring politicians to build the skills to communicate to the common man on key policy issues and draw practical connections to make it relevant to the masses. The student will focus all their research , town hall meetings , and projects in their own polling division /Their future political battleground. The focused attention on ones own polling division is to help build credibility, understanding of the pulse of the people and refining strategies to win their seat.

The syllabus is divided into three main components.

Character and skills development.
The cross cutting themes
Centenary policy focus

Character and skills development.

1. Looking inward , vision , values and mapping your political journey
2. Communication and branding
3. Grassroots campaigning and mobilizing volunteers
4. Fundraising , Financial management and Transparency

The cross cutting themes
2. Gender
3. Sustainability
4. Social Justice
5. Security and Defense
6. Foriegn Policy

Centenary policy of focus

The main policies of focus of the centenary academy. Each policy area will have 14 hours of content. If you are interested, please email and we will share the subtopics being taught under each of these policy areas.

You can volunteer with The Centenary Movement through one of the policy groups, or join other teams such as PR, Finance or Legal. You can contribute in terms of subject knowledge or practical support, or make a donation to the Movement too.
You can email us on or engage with us on our Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.
All communication, lectures, notices and correspondence is made in Tamil, Sinhala and English.

The application process for the second batch of students will begin in December 2021. Details will be posted on our website ( and our social media platforms.

Orientation and induction of the new cohort will take place on the 4th of February 2022.