When Sri Lanka celebrates her 100th independence anniversary in 2048, we hope that our nation would have experienced a transformation in its socio-political and economic landscape. We, as a generation, inherited a country embroiled in violent conflict and devastated by corruption. Even though we may not have had control over what we inherited, we have a responsibility and privilege to serve the generations to come. We strive to build a nation celebrated as a just, thriving, innovative society and as a model of a country recovering from a violent and unfortunate history




10 indicators of success at 100

  • An inclusive Sri Lankan identity within a peaceful and just society.
  • A true meritocracy where ethnicity, gender or religion no longer plays a discriminatory role
  • Safe, equitable and just nation for women.
  • Low levels of corruption.
  • A developed and thriving economy.
  • Recognized as a model for social, political and economic transformation.
  • Zero levels of poverty.
  • Internationally recognized for high standards in Education and health care.
  • Recognized for innovation and technology.
  • A generous nation able to provide aid and support other nations in need.